Buying Things For The Packaging: Outer Space Vodka

October 28, 2015


This is Outer Space Vodka. It costs $40 for a 750mL bottle and has been distilled through actual meteorites four times for EXTRA SPACE CANCER. Obviously, nobody is going to buy it except for the glass alien head bottle. If I was in college I would buy a bottle, finish it, then fill it with water and a yellow highlighter and put it under a blacklight so the head glows. Hell, I'm not in college and I still might do that. My bedroom is so awesome. Just looking at a picture of it can get you pregnant. I picture I DREW.

Keep going for a couple more shots. Shots! LOLOL, FINISH ME.



Thanks to Ed, who makes his own vodka at home in the bathtub and gets drunk as shit playing with his rubber duckies.

  • Clampity

    Meteorites? Riiiiiiiight

  • Steven Hill

    is this endorsed by dan aykroyd?

  • Drink a whole bottle; get sooo drunk; play alien abduction; get probed.
    Good times.

  • Edward

    If I was an alien, i'd be offended.

  • MustacheHam are an other folks on a different planet. :3

  • Edward

    Mind Blown

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