Beautiful Wooden Automaton Of A Hummingbird Drinking From A Flower

October 15, 2015


This is Colibri, an organic motion sculpture of a hummingbird drinking from a flower created by Derek Hugger. The movement of the 400-piece sculpture took Hugger over 700 hours to perfect. It's powered by lifting the weight beneath the hummingbird's tail, which will provide one full cycle of movement. Feeling ambitious? You can buy the plans to build your own for $99. Does anybody here really have the tools and skill to do that? Because if you do I'd recommend spending the extra four hours and building a fully functional time machine.

Keep going for a full video of the sculpture.

Thanks to Brianna, who informed me hummingbirds are her favorite birds. I like them too. You know I rescued one that was about to fall out of it's nest because other birds were picking away at it to build their own nest. I took him to a hummingbird rescue. Proof on FacebookHERE. His name was Dingy.

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