And Bring A Machete: Take A Tour Of Camp Crystal Lake From The Original Friday The 13th Movie

October 7, 2015


The Boy Scout camp of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in northwestern New Jersey was the shooting location for the original Friday The 13th movie. They called it Camp Crystal Lake (aka Camp Blood) in the movie in case you've never seen it because your parents don't let you watch scary movies. My parents DO let me watch scary movies, under the condition that they will not come comfort me if I wake up in the middle of the night screaming. They just lock my door from the outside and I have to tough it out in there with all the ghosts and monsters till morning. This upcoming Friday, November 13th the camp is having its third ever filming locations tour of the campgrounds. Tickets go on sale this Monday, October 12th at 10AM but sold out in 8 minutes last time so you probably aren't going to get one. I'm just being honest. Just kidding, I'm being honest plus mean and spiteful. You think they have somebody with a machete come walking out of the lake as visitors pass by? It would be a shame if they didn't. I'm gonna bring a crossbow just in case. I don't like being scared.

Keep going for a commercial about the tour. You can also buy souvenir Angry Mother brand lake water, sand and woodmill shavings if you're into knick knacks and patty wacks.

Thanks to Leslie A, who could easily survive to the end of a horror movie without so much as a scratch.

  • hokiepokie

    used to be a scout there a few years in 2001 , would be cool to see if from a different perspective, but not gonna fight the movie freaks

  • Lora

    I think they used video from the Blair Witch Project. I'm nauseous.

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