Ahhh, Internet: Hot Dogs Dressed As Disney Princesses

October 6, 2015


Sorry about yesterday, I had some surprise personal business to attend to (the government requested me for another spy op but I refused because they wanted me to wingsuit in behind enemy lines instead of being shot out of a circus cannon like I requested. My rider list is non-negotiable and I'm the only one I trust to work the merch table). In the future I'll let you know if I'm going to be out for a day. These are four hot dogs dressed up like Disney princesses by the folks at Lucky Peach (who included a tutorial in case this looks way too next level for you). I saw a lucky peach once. A woman was holding it right between her bare breasts. Her skin was the color of low-fat strawberry yogurt. From left to right: Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas. Obviously, Belle looks the tastiest provided she isn't covered in Beast fur. I would still eat any of them off the floor though.

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