A Star Wars Version Of Everything!: Darth Vader And R2-D2 Shower Heads

October 16, 2015


Because it's clearly somebody's job at Disney to make sure there's a licensed Star Wars version of every product, these are the Darth Vader and R2-D2 shower heads from Oxygenics (and available at Bed Bath & Beyond). Each has three settings: spray, jet, and mixed. R2 costs $25 and is a fixed shower head, while Vader costs $30 and comes as a wand in case you've ever wanted to blast yourself in the privates with his hot, watery gaze. You ever masturbated to a shower head before? Because I have.

Keep going for shots of all the settings!






Thanks to joe, who's holding out for an x-wing fighter shower head because the man knows how to class up a bathroom.

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