ZIPPITY ZAP!: Man Getting Tazed In Ultra-Slow Motion

September 14, 2015


This is a video from The Slow-Mo Guys (I am just a Slow Guy) of a dude getting tased in ultra slow motion. It made me cringe a little, especially when the barbs broke his skin. I don't like things breaking my skin. It hurts. I still have a nasty scar on my head from the time I got stabbed with a broken bottle in a bar fight. "No, you were trying to break a bottle over your own head." AND I DID IT.

Hit the jump for the video, then I want you to film yourself punching me in the belly in ultra slow motion. Maybe we'll learn something! Probably what I had for lunch. SPOILER: There will be noodles.

Thanks to Rickroy, cabinfever (get out of there and get some fresh air!) and Dev, who agree everything is more entertaining in slow-motion. Except watching grass grow or paint dry, hands down the worst 2 weeks I ever spent in a movie theater.

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