Woman Backing Out Of Driveway Spots Spider On Her Shoulder, Jumps Out Of Car, Car Crashes Injuring Son

September 21, 2015


35-year old Angela Kipp of Syracuse, Indiana, does not like spiders. As a matter of fact she hates spiders so much that when she spotted one on her shoulder while backing out of her driveway, she jumped from the moving vehicle, which eventually hit a school bus and injured her 9-year old son, who was still in the vehicle. Clearly, spiders > maternal instincts.

The Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department says the boy riding in the backseat climbed into the driver's seat and tried to step on the brake but instead hit the gas pedal, sending the vehicle into a passing school bus.

There was nobody aboard the school bus but the driver, who was uninjured. The boy was treated for minor head injuries at a local hospital, and is presumably on the lookout for a new mom.

Thanks to Pogonophile, who would have made the spider drive so he could ride shotgun and play games on his phone.

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