What Happens To An Astronaut During A Year In Space

September 16, 2015


NOTE: Larger version HERE in case you own one of those home telephones with the giant number buttons.

This is an infographic created by NASA showing some things that will happen to astronaut Scott Kelly during his year aboard the International Space Station. My favorite: "Astronaut Scott Kelly will produce about 180 pounds of feces that will burn up in the atmosphere and look like shootings stars." That's right folks -- all those wishes you made never come true because you were really wishing on somebody's flaming shitpile.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees anybody's feces can look like a shooting star if you eat enough hot sauce.

  • PhilipDrake

    Come on, Mr. Witty hipster meme speak, PROVE ME WRONG..... whats the matter? Have they gotten to you too? I doubt it, because you are too far ingrained with their indoctrination to KNOW IT. But come on, hipster douchebag, prove me wrong, BOY.

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  • PhilipDrake

    What a fucking joke. This chump is in space.... RIGHT. You scum keep perpetuating this ISS hoax.... prove me wrong you hipster scumbag/geekologie........ DO IT..........

  • Zachary Maltais

    I must be late to the internet, but why all the hate for Geekologie writer here?

  • Gilbert

    I seriously doubt that he's really getting 105 rem over the year:

    1 flight from NY to LA ~ 8 dental X-rays
    1 dental X-ray ~ 2-3 mrem
    16-24 mrem 5250 times ~ 84 - 126 Rem, but averaged out to about 105 Rem...

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