Sword Hilt Eraser Turns Your Pencil Into A Weapon

September 11, 2015


This is the Pensword designed by Peleg Design. It turns a pencil into a sword. Is a pencil sword mightier than a pen AND sword? I am probably the wrong person to ask. I can't write for shit and the last time I held a sword I sent myself to the hospital. Still, i can't read Pensword without thinking PENISWORD. And don't act like you can either. You and me -- we're in this mess together. Now stay focused and just keep paddling. "I lost my paddle." Dammit! Wait -- there's a sign, what's it say?! "Shit Creek." I'm going overboard, don't try to rescue me.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to becca b, who challenged me to a pencil war which I won easily because I was playing with a steel rod I painted to look like a pencil. You should have inspected it!

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