Super Mario 3 Was Just A Stage Show: Miyamoto Discusses Super Mario Franchise Myths

September 10, 2015


This is a short video made to promote tomorrow's release of Super Mario Maker in which Shigeru Miyamoto discusses some of the Super Mario franchise's myths. Although he doesn't actually do too much discussing, he mostly just shakes or nods his head, which is exactly how I like to discuss things too. He does confirm that Super Mario 3 was just a stage play though, so we'll all be able to sleep better tonight knowing he put that to rest. Unless there's a spider in your bed, in which case you won't be sleeping better until you're watching the planet burn from the moon. I swear I felt something crawl on my leg last night after I turned the lights out so I slept in the bathtub with the shower running and a snorkel on.

Keep going for a graphic explaining the Super Mario 3 play theory, as well as the video.


Thanks to Luc, who has a theory that Super Mario Galaxy actually takes place in the eye of Miyamoto as he watches the make-believe universe he created.

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