Star Wars Official Millennium Falcon Drone Toy For Sale

September 9, 2015


This is the $110 Millennium Falcon quadrocopter made and sold by Air Hogs. It has lights and sound effects and a one hour charge gets 8 - 12 minutes of flight time at a distance up to 250-feet. That is pretty far away. If I ever flew it further than 40 feet away I would just assume it's gone and go back inside to cry to my mom. I am a delicate flower. I'm kidding, I'm a cactus. Kidding again, I'm not even a plant, I'm just a rock. And when the time comes I want you to skip me across this lake. "How will I know when the time has come?" NOW, DO IT NOW.

Search Youtube if you want to see some footage of the thing flying, people have already gotten their hands on them so there are tons of unboxing/review videos but every one I saw was worst than the last so I gave up trying to find one to embed.


    This is a great idea. I sure will be looking for one to get.

  • Meh

    Soooo. Who actually gives a shit about starwars nowadays?


    How strange you would ask that. and before you say it just looks like it, it is not ment to be that, why do they have storm tropers on teh left side of the screen then. humm

    ya starwars is still HOT to 1000's of people.

  • Leland_Gaunt

    A hundred bucks?! For this?!??

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