Short Film Of Two Cats Taking On A Horde Of Zombies

September 14, 2015


This is a video of two cats taking out a horde of zombies (previously from the same folks: Assassin's Creed kitties). The production value is pretty high, and I would have headshotted that zombie in the striped trilby hat at least two hundred times to make sure nobody could ever wear that hat again. Still, I never knew cats were so good with guns. Sleeping all day and licking themselves, yes. Complaining as soon as something doesn't go their way despite the fact THEY GOT TO SLEEP ALL DAY, yes. Sometimes I wish I was a cat. Other times I wish I was a rocketship headed directly into the sun. Those are pretty much the only two birthday wishes I ever make.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to TJ, who is welcome to join my zombie-fighting crew provided he can't run as fast as I can.

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