Cheater: Robot Hand Never Loses At Rock-Paper-Scissors

September 16, 2015


This is a robotic hand created by the folks at the University of Tokyo's Ishikawa Oku Lab that never loses at rock-paper-scissors. How? By reading your hand then responding with the winning gesture in less than a millisecond. Whatever, I could still beat it. Ready? One, two, three, shoot! Dang, he got me. Best two out of three. *lops all robot's fingers off with bolt-cutters* Haha -- now he's always rock! Ready? One, two, three, shoot! "Dammit GW, you picked scissors." Man, he's GOOD.

Hit the jump for a video demo of the we should just choose straws anyways.

Thanks to Inspector G, LostBoyGoonie, Bachmann and Matt, who agree the best way to win at paper-rock-scissors is to always choose dynamite.

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