Real Life Pocket Monsters!: Pokemon Augmented Reality Game Coming To iOS And Android Next Year

September 10, 2015


The Pokemon Company has just announced Pokemon Go, an augmented reality Pokemon game coming to iOS and Android devices next year. Basically it involves players wandering around constantly staring at their smartphones, and sounds like a great way to get hit by a bus. So kind of like a game of chicken you don't know that you're playing.

Niantic's John Hanke described Pokémon Go as a mobile game that's wholesome, fun and can be enjoyed by families. Players will track down and capture Pokemon in real-world locations, Hanke said, collecting monsters like Bulbasaur, for example, at Tokyo's Shinjuku Station or Pikachu at the Eiffel Tower. Pokémon will appear in parks, on streets and other locations around the world.

Pokémon Go will work with a Bluetooth-powered device called Pokémon Go Plus, which players can wear on their wrist or pinned to their clothing. The device, which looks like a Pokéball combined with a Google Maps marker pin, has a built-in LED light and a vibration function that will notify players that something important is happening in the game, such as a Pokémon appearing nearby. Ishihara said that Pokémon Go players won't be required to use the device to play the game, but that it will reduce the amount of time players spend staring at their smart devices in order to play the game.

Ahahhahahahhaha, Pokemon appearing on streets -- I knew it. Man, I am totally going to get hit by a car. You think there will be a lot of Pokemon to capture in my hospital room? I sure hope so. I will settle for a nurse wearing animal ears though. "Ready for your sponge bath, Mr. GW?" Been waiting all morning, Stephen!

Keep going for a commercial for the game.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, about half of whom expressed boners and should be avoided if you see them with a smartphone in their hands.

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