Oh Wow: Amazing Starcraft Zerg Hydralisk Cosplay

September 3, 2015


This is the Zerg Hydralisk costume made and worn by cosplayer Dadboy (who clearly started having children entirely too young). That is some impressive work. "I have never wanted to have sex with a costume so bad in my life." Ahahahahhaha, WHAT?! Seriously I was thinking the exact same thing.

Hit the jump for a video of the Hydralisk cruising around the Otakuthon convention in Montréal, Canada. You can see Dadboy's full coverage of the costume build HERE.

Thanks to MV, who wants to be a full-size Falkor the luck dragon for Halloween this year.

  • sizzlepants

    Thanks for blurring out the butt crack.

  • RevereLP

    Great vid. Would be better if there was some nice elevator music during the escalator scene.

  • Torse

    that little kid's face is the best part

  • Gilbert

    How does he see while wearing it?

    Seriously though, that is awesome...

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  • Andrew Newton

    ^^ I guess that answers your question, Gilbert!

  • Daniel Anderson

    Absolutely fantastic music. Was like watching a campy movie with an awesome sound track. My wizardry solutes this awesome cosplay.

  • Munihausen


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