NYC Rat Trying To Carry Whole Pizza Slice Down Subway

September 22, 2015


This is a short video of Master Splinter trying to make off with an entire slice of cheese pizza in a New York City subway. Or maybe it was a pepperoni slice but he already ate all the meat off and was going to tell the Ninja Turtles all he could scrounge was cheese. Michelangelo will be pissed. Whatever the case, where did that pizza come from? Somebody dropped it and didn't pick it back up and eat it? What the hell's the matter with people? Pizza doesn't grow on trees, you know. I don't care if it's a subway platform, the five-second rule is a RULE, not an option.

Hit the jump for brave Splinter really going for it.

Thanks to Paul and TC, who agree somebody should buy that rat a street hot dog and show him what's really up.

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