Things That Exist: Official Licensed Chewbacca Fur Crocs

September 2, 2015


Because soon every product will be available with a Star Wars theme (I honestly thought we were already there), these are the officially licensed Chewbacca fur-lined Crocs. They are available in both children's sizes ($40) and adult sizes ($60) up to a men's 13. Of course if you are old enough to wear a size 13 and buy a pair of Chewbacca fur-lined Crocs you need to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and realize....just how cool you are and how amazing your style is. And they only cost $60 -- you are the king! But seriously if I knew they weren't going to smell or give me athlete's foot on my hands I would take those things off your feet and beat you with them.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Daniel, who informed me these are not the pieces of shit he's looking for. Honestly, I've never owned Crocs before but I've always wanted a pair.

  • autoceptor

    And they're not called Chewcrocca's?

  • Meh

    Talk about fugly shit.

  • TheQiwiMan

    When ya just gotta show the world in no uncertain terms "I AM A LOST CAUSE, PITY ME"

    ..and holy crap, paul jones' spam game is on POINT today! If THAT doesn't get people to go to his spammy website, NOTHING will!! Good luck little buddy!

  • Joel Lamm

    lol. This made me laugh way to hard! ON POINT SON! Especially the one at the very bottom.

  • I hate Crocs - and Ugg boots. They are extremely hideous. These even more so.

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  • And I hate you.

  • jhgjg

  • These are sad, and crocs AND star wars should feel bad. What ISN'T sad, is this absolutely bitchin chewbacca dog harness which my pug will sure as shit be sporting soon:

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