New Roller Coaster In Ohio Will Break Six World Records

September 16, 2015


The Valravn roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio will break six world records (and help break four more for the park) when it opens to visitors next year. The new dive coaster (a roller coaster that has at least one free-falling 90-degree drop and pauses riders on the edge of that drop for a few seconds) is sure to be a hit with people who don't already feel like they're about to die at any moment. The new records it will set:

Tallest Dive Coaster (223 feet)

Fastest Dive Coaster (75 mph)
Longest Dive Coaster (3,415 feet)
Most Inversions on a Dive Coaster (3)
Longest Drop on a Dive Coaster (214 feet)
Highest Inversion on a Dive Coaster (165 feet)
Most Roller Coasters Taller Than 200 Feet at One Amusement Park (5)
Most Rides at One Amusement Park (72)
Most Steel Roller Coaster Track at One Amusement Park (9.9 miles)
Most Roller Coaster Track at One Amusement Park (11.4 miles)

You know, I actually got hit in the face by someone's cell phone when I was riding a roller coaster once. It either slipped out of their pocket or they were trying to take a picture and dropped it. My temple was bleeding. I caused a whole big scene and threatened to sue the park but wound up settling for a free funnel cake instead because I was drunk and hungry.

Hit the jump for a point-of-view video and a bird's eye version.

Thanks to Michael, who I'm fairly certain works for some sort of PR firm but I could be wrong but it didn't seem like he had a very firm grasp of what Geekologie is or does.

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