NASA Releases Most High-Resolution Shot Of Pluto Ever

September 28, 2015


Note: Larger version HERE. Full-res 65MB version available at NASA's website HERE in case you want to look for aliens (I counted seven).

This is the most detailed shot of Pluto ever taken, captured by the New Horizons probe during its flyby of the dwarf planet in July. It looks like there was a pretty serious war there in the southern hemisphere. A real BLOODBATH. There must be millions and millions of dead alien bodies down there. "That's not blood." You don't know that's not blood. "It's the result of hydrocarbon molecules formed by cosmic rays and ultraviolet light interacting with methane." WHAT? Shit, you really are smart. You mind taking this test for me? "This is a Buzzfeed quiz." Yeah yeah, just get a 10/10 so I can post it on my Facebook wall and look smart. "This is a 'What Golden Girls Character Are You' quiz. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET ME ROSE.

Thanks to Ssssssssimon, whose name is presumably pronounced like you're a snake talking.

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