Nice Doggies: Cerberus 3-Headed Dog Halloween Prop

September 9, 2015


Did everybody have a nice holiday weekend? Mine was awful. But enough about living the opposite of the dream, we're here to talk about...Halloween decorations? This is the $180 Cerberus 3-headed dog Halloween prop. The heads move and eyes and mouths glow, it growls, and can be rigged to breathe smoke (fog machine sold separately). Like most Halloween props, it is best viewed in complete darkness and looks pretty shitty in any kind of light. I give it three out of five pieces of candy. Unfortunately, two of those pieces of candy are actually little boxes of raisins and will be tossed in a neighbor's yard so they don't take up room in my treat bag.

Hit the jump for a couple videos of Cerberus being Cerberus.

Thanks to Christina, who just taped her three dogs together and probably shouldn't do that.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Yay! GW is alive!! :-D

  • shashi

    How do you kill that which has no life?

  • Johnnie Dang

    For the love of god, it's cerBERus, not cerebus...

  • Michael Bargoyle Sullivan

    Dave Sim thanks you for keeping Cerebus alive. ;)

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