Marvel Cinematic Universe In Chronological Watch Order

September 9, 2015


This is a guide to follow if you want to watch all the Marvel universe movies and television shows in chronological order. Is it accurate? No clue. Do you actually need to watch anything in chronological order? Not really. But here it is anyway in case you ever break both your legs (or I break them for you) and you find yourself stuck in bed for months. And for the record -- I will scratch inside your cast with a coat hanger, but I will not bathe you. "Feed me like a baby bird?" That's a given.

Thanks to carey, who agrees chronological order is overrated. Fast food orders are where it's at.

  • Ozolz .

    garbage movies for kids , might aswell watch my little pony

  • Pondo

    i really don't give enough of a fuck to watch any of these films in any order. Fuck it

  • Then troll elsewhere...

  • GeneralDisorder

    I was looking at this graphic and I don't know what any part of it means. Like... not one bit. So these are movies? Or TV series? Or... I don't care either.

    Glad to see someone does though. Because if everyone was like me the global economy would collapse. The whole film industry would be gone. TV would be broadcast only when cable companies no longer have customers, etc etc.

  • Carl Davenport

    The Agent Carter One-Shot comes after the Agent Carter series has ended it's run, not before.. Just saying..

  • Daniel Holstein

    What? I mean, the "Cinematic Universe" doesn't include X-Men, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Howard the Duck... Among others?

  • Smeg

    No, it doesn't. "Marvel Cinematic Universe" refers to the shared universe of the films created by Marvel Studios. It doesn't include anything produced by licensee studios.

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