Man Goes Nuts Yelling At Fish, Can't Figure Out What It Is

September 24, 2015


WARNING: So many f-bombs and other bad words I tried to count them all but couldn't because I forgot what comes after trillion.

This is a video of a couple Massachusetts human wrecks (Michael and Jay) filming their reaction to spotting an ocean sunfish. The only problem is they don't know what a sunfish is and are doing their best (which by anybody else's standards is f***ing horrible) to identify the species. First it's a sea turtle, then it's a baby whale, then a shark, then a flounder, then a tuna, then back to flounder again. I can't believe they even allow these people on boats. That said, I would still hang out with these guys 24/7 just for their running commentary. I'm kidding, but they should at least have their own morning radio show.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, who can't believe they never thought it was a mermaid.

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