Man Builds 'Hovering' Star Wars Landspeeder Bed For Son

September 22, 2015


Cool bed but why is there toast on the floor?

This is the Star Wars landspeeder bed father and Redditor Ghostfaceace built for his young son. Apparently they're going to deck out the whole room with a space theme soon. Then when he is old enough that kid can ask girls if they want to come over and count the stars on his ceiling. Now -- everybody raise your hand if you had those glow in the dark star stickers on your bedroom ceiling in high school or college. Now keep your hand raised if you still have them in your current bedroom. Seriously, just me? Man, you guys are missing out. I also have a lava lamp and a beanbag chair. My bedroom is like, make out central. That doesn't even do it justice. My bedroom is like the capital of all of Make Out Land.

Thanks to McKay, who wants an Ewok village bunk bed. NOW YOU ARE TALKING MY LANGUAGE.

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