Man Builds Functional Electric Guitar Out Of LEGO Bricks

September 29, 2015


This is the LEGO electric guitar built by guitar maker Nicola Pavan (who traditionally works with wood). The body is entirely LEGO except for the bridge and electronics, but the neck is a regular guitar neck. Pavan added some glue and screws in order to hold everything together, because there's nothing worse than your guitar breaking into a million pieces in the middle of a solo. That is not how you get groupies. Not good groupies anyways. I might still ask you to sign my tits, but I'll ask just about anybody to sign my tits.

Keep going for a video of Nicola playing the thing.

Thanks to Victor AMS, who tried building a guitar out of Lincoln Logs but the Big Bad Wolf destroyed the shit out of it because he's a jerk and a terrible tour manager.

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