Luna Lanterns: Beautiful, Realistic Moon Lamps

September 18, 2015


Luna Lanterns (currently an already funded Indiegogo campaign) are moon-shaped lamps for the home. They come in seven different sizes from 3.2-inches to 23.6-inches and cost between $75 - $875. I want one of every size. I could never afford that though, so I'll be sticking to the bare bulb dangling from the ceiling. It really sets the mood. "And what mood would that be?" DEPRESSED AS SHIT.

Keep going for several more pictures (including 'me time can be romantic') and their Indiegogo video.








Thanks again to Marcus O, who wants a lamp of every planet in the solar system INCLUDING PLUTO.

  • Melissa Kelly

    How can i buy one??

  • smartalek

    Better Late Than Never Brigade here.
    If you still want one (2 years on), here you go:

  • Warood Lababidi

    I really want one!! how can I buy it??

  • smartalek

    Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find:

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    A. Hey the lady in the second pic has the teddy bear from Ted!
    B. The only mood I can imagine for a bare bulb dangling from the ceiling would be selecting my next BTK victim.

  • smartalek

    "Starving artist in the garret" theme doesn't work for you, apparently?

  • Andrew Newton

    THANK YOU GW! Finally something that looks cool that doesn't cost $748321947382190 thousand dollars to buy.

  • Geekologie

    will you buy me one plz

  • Jan Bergström

    maybe you can start a crowdfunding: buying the moon lamp for Geekologie.

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