KABOOM!: US And South Korea Live Fire Exercise Video

September 1, 2015


This is a ten minute video of the US and South Korea practicing their war maneuvers with live missiles and bombs. Probably to send to North Korea to let them know they need to calm down. Never a country to be upstaged, North Korea presumably made their own live weapon demonstration video by splicing a bunch of scenes from famous war movies together.

Hit the jump for the video, then let's get together after school and throw rocks at each other.

Thanks to Happy Gecko, who is unrelated to the gecko in those Geico commercials, who is actually very miserable.

  • jean guy

    what a waste

  • Bling Nye

    It's nice to see we can blow shit up to the tune of tens/hundreds of millions of dollars, but heaven forbid we try to get funding instead for education, or universal healthcare, or infrastructure, or feeding the poor.


  • GeneralDisorder

    Valid point. We as a nation should spend more on education and social welfare. I am entirely in favor.

    We should also spend money on mental health systems because I have pretty good healthcare and I have more than $1000 in debt due to certain psychological care for a family member.

    And people who get cancer... might as well be dead because unless they're millionaires they can't afford treatment. I get it. Medicine is expensive. Doctor wages are (more or less) deservedly high. But for the nation to claim it's so great but then make everyone pay out of pocket to survive curable illnesses... Seems like free market is no place for healthcare to exist. Even if it does drive innovation somewhat it doesn't seem worth it.

  • B L

    I agree about the education funding, but not the welfare. I've personally seen too many people abuse it like a second income.

    Regarding reallocating military funding to other needs... It's all a very delicate balance. Russia invaded Crimea, took it, and now it's theres. Russia is trying the exact same tactic with the Ukraine, but everyone is tuned into that already so it's being drawn out, fingers pointing every which way. China is trying to claim the South China Sea to the detriment of all of their neighbors, and it looks like they are going to get it. Iran is getting nuclear power and chanting death and destruction to Israel and America the whole time.

    America needs to remain a military power in order to stay alive. It's not a choice, it's a matter of survival. America is too great of a target. Start cutting back, everyone else invests and America is suddenly in the shadow of nations with worse human rights violations, complete disregard for the environment, inherent corruptness, intolerance, bigotry, every flaw within American society amplified and distorted by the need to crush the last big power and strip it off all it's worth.

    I voted Obama the last two elections, in case you're about to call me a diluted republican. I have no party affiliation. I'm just a realist.

    I'd love it if everyone could just accept everyone else's differences and find value in what sets us apart. I'd be overjoyed if a small tax on my paycheck ended up in the college fund of a kid in a third world country so they can realize their dreams. If temporary financial assistance helped a single mother get back on her feet and rejoin the working class, that would be great.

    Unfortunately, bad haircut in north Korea is a batshit insane maniac with nukes, concentration camps, and a God complex. Little pootie poots in Russia is a mini Hitler part 2, with better PR. Yet, Kim Kardashian's nasty behind is what makes popular news.

    It's all a very delicate balance.

  • blubfisk

    One of those bombs cost more than what an entire village in india makes in a year.

    It's pretty fubar. I dont care who the bad-guy is. Check this out:

  • DC Madman

    Every year all my income tax money goes to paying for a part of one of those bombs, they're really expensive.

  • TheQiwiMan

    10 minute video? Really? Don't they know it only takes us guys about a minute and a half to blow our load?

  • Gyro

    I'd like to have seen the bill for that

  • Guy

    So thats how Bambi's Mom died.

  • Ollie Williams

    The U.S. spends more money on military than the next 26 countries combined, and all but one of those is an ally. These are your tax dollars, folks, and no amount of shitty country/rock music and big explosions is going to satiate me from being pissed off that we dominate the world and call ourselves a "superpower" because we have no qualms bombing the shit out of every country who doesn't like our foreign policy.

  • TyDurd


  • HackTheGibson

    As a % of GDP the USA is fourth in the world in 2014.
    Saudi Arabia spent 10.4%, Israel 5.2%, Russia 4.5%, Russia 4.5%, then the USA spent 3.5%.

    Also, while you are complaining about that don't forget our military isn't just raw military but research and development. Enjoying that internet you are using? What are GPS or millions of other things too.

    If you want to lower the expense the US that is fine. But statements like bombing the shit out of every country who doesn't like our foreign policy only shows you have no idea what really happens in the world.

    Last, if you want to keep on with your tirade please at least google for 2 seconds before reposting such lies. The US spends as much as the next 7 countries in 2014. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, India, and Germany. Seven is a long ways from the 26 that you made up.

  • blubfisk
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