Just In Time For Halloween: Zombie Lawn Flamingos

September 21, 2015


These are the Zombie Flamingos available from ThinkGeek ($20 for a pair). They are potentially a knock-off of these more realistic looking ones. Those were $17 apiece though, making these the more economical choice. Besides, you don't want to spend too much on Halloween decorations that some little jerks are just going to steal and throw in the street to get run over anyways. These are the same kids that took the whole bowl of candy even though I left a note that explicitly states, "Please take one or two pieces." You were one of those little jerks, weren't you? I know you were, I can tell. GET OFF MY LAWN.

Hit the jump for two more shots.



Thanks to Christina D, who's hard at work painting a bunch of zombie duck decoys for reasons unknown.

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