It Happens: Man On Flight Wakes Up, Pees Between Seats In Front Of Him, Goes Back To Sleep

September 14, 2015


Airplane bathroom? No need.

27-year old Jeff Rubin, who is apparently a black-out drunk, recently stood up, peed in the crack in the seats in front of him, and went back to sleep during a Jet Blue flight from Anchorage, Alaska to Portland, Oregon. He was woken up and arrested after the plane landed but did not pee in the cop car because he was already empty.

A police report said passengers and airline employees told officers Rubin had been sleeping for most of the flight. About 30 minutes before landing, they said, he stood up and began urinating through the crack between the seats in front of him -- and on to the passengers sitting there.

The report said he lost his balance and fell backwards, splashing urine on passengers, seats and luggage.

Rubin spent about five hours in jail and was released on his own recognisance. He faces charges of criminal mischief and offensive littering.

First of all, nobody likes being peed on (okay that's not entirely true but definitely not in this situation). That said, this sort of thing happens. If I had a nickel for every time I've done the exact same thing I could probably afford to fly first class. Maybe even buy my own jet.

Thanks to Christian, who just holds it.

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