It Doesn't Even Graph!: Casio's $225 Luxury Calculator

September 22, 2015


This is the Casio S100 'Special One', a $225 luxury calculator made by Casio to celebrate all the years the company has been calculating. Punch them numbers! Only 5,000 are going to be produced and sold in Japan though, so in the off-chance you're some sort of calculator collector you need to get on that shit pronto. Or maybe I'm overestimating the market for luxury calculators.

The Casio S100 looses the die-plastic for something much more exotic, it uses an aluminum alloy for the casing which is precisely cast using 'diamond cut treatment'. The company has used an industry first "V-shaped gear link slim isolation keys." with an unique gear link structure which deliver a uniform experience no matter which part of the key you press. If this was not enough it makes use of the industry first display window with a double-sided antireflection coating which us paired with a high-contrast LCD so even under direct sunlight the display is clearly available.

It doesn't even graph! How am I supposed to play Drug Dealer on that? I guess at least you can still make it spell BOOBIES. That's something. Something that just made 11-year old me laugh his ass off and get kicked out of math class. Boobies -- what a funny word. But seriously, what does it mean? Remind me to ask the 8th graders on the back of the bus.

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