I'd Eat Him: Han Solo Frozen In Pop Tart Frosting

September 18, 2015


They're not real Pop Tarts, they're hand-painted resin actionless figures made by Falcon Toys. They cost $30 but sold out already and I'm not sure if they're making any more. When I called to ask about future availability the sexy lady voice than answered told me she wasn't wearing anything but lace panties and a smile and that's when I realized I'd accidentally called a phone sex line. I hung up immediately after like ten minutes.

Keep going for a couple more shots.





Thanks to Stinant, who just tried taking a bite out of one and regrets it.

  • dougfunnay

    god damn thats actually pretty cool
    not $30 for a small chunk of plastic that doesnt actually do anything cool
    but maybe like $5 lol how weird and hilarious cool

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  • Electricgoonie

    There goes my dream of having Han Solo in my mouth.

  • Sounds like the mouth would be okay, just not the stomach.

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