I Want It: Pottery Barn's $4,000 Millennium Falcon Bed

September 4, 2015


This is the $4,000 Millennium Falcon cockpit bed available from Pottery Barn. I like Pottery Barn. I like walking around there with my mom, we have a great time. The bed, which is made from quality hardwood (not particleboard), is handpainted and finished, but sadly only available in twin-size (and $4,000). That is a little small for me. I would definitely kick those front cockpit windows out in my sleep and get sucked out into space and die. Would I die happy? No. Would I die with a space-boner? Probably. Man, I love playing space so much. Wild west cowboys too. You should come over this weekend and play with me. I'll let you be my huckleberry!

Hit the jump for more pictures, including two kids HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LITTLE LIVES.





Thanks to Heffe, who promised to take me to Pottery Barn this weekend. Can we go to Crate & Barrel too?!

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