Huge Balls: Man Confronts Giant Bear Under His Deck

September 24, 2015


This is a video of a man confronting a giant brown bear who's been napping underneath his deck. Presumably because the bear thought it was Goldilock's house but couldn't find a way in to f***ing break everything. I would never get that close to a bear. The bear let's the dude know what's up at the end of the video though by SPOILER: dropping a steaming pile of shit right in front of him WITHOUT EVER BREAKING EYE CONTACT. Now that's an alpha move.

Keep going for two videos: the original (after watching for a minute skip to 2:45 to see the bear drop his surprise), and the thug life version.

Thanks to Dan, who would have slapped that bear on the rump and told him to GIT because he clearly has no concern for his life.

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