Heck Yeah, I Love The Taste Of Evil: Cthulhu Beer Steins

September 25, 2015


Note: Higher res pic HERE for MORE DETAIL.

These are the Cthulhu beer steins available for pre-order from Münkstein (previously: their Krampus and Bigfoot beer steins). It will come in four varieties: full color or dynamic wash steins for $70, and topless (YOWYOW!) full color or dynamic wash mugs for $40. I just ordered a full-color stein for guzzling the blood of my enemies at battle after-parties. I'm just saying, it's hard to be taken seriously when you're drinking blood of out of a red Solo cup, no matter how many beer pong games you've won in a row.

Keep going for closeups of the stein topper and the two mugs.





Thanks to Miles, who, despite all their steins I've posted, has never actually promised to send me one. Or maybe he has and I forgot, I am bad at email. I am bad at everything.

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