First Look At The Game Of Thrones Pinball Machine

September 11, 2015


This is a first look at the upcoming Game Of Thrones pinball machine from HBO and Stern Pinball. It will be available in three different versions: the Pro Model ($6,000), the Premium Model ($7,600), and the Khaleesi Limited Edition ($8,800). The two higher end models both have a second playfield and flippers in the upper left corner, while the cheaper model does not. As a pinball wizard, they should really send me one for review. Anybody here work for HBO or Stern that can make that happen? *shrug* I get no perks. Game highlights:

In HBO's Game of Thrones pinball, you begin a game by picking one of Westeros's seven families vying for the Iron Throne: Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell, Tyrell and Targaryen. According to Dankberg, "the goal is really to either conquer all the other families or, at some point you can team up with other families to fight other families and whatnot. The ultimate goal of the game is to get to the Iron Throne."

- There are video modes controlled by an extra button on the lock bar which Dankberg describes as "8-bit ... kind of a throwback thing ... almost early '80s retro-looking."

- Lannisters will love the is a gold-collecting mechanic which allows you spend what you've amassed to achieve your goals. In-game economies are uncommon in pinball.

- The animated dragon in the LE version has a kickback under it which blasts the ball back at the upper playfield flippers when hit. The animation differences for the dragon toy are described by Dankberg as follows: "The LE has a smoother motion and another motor that moves the dragon up and down. So, as you're battling the dragon, he's either going to flap his wings, raise up and down, [or] antagonize you."

- A "Sword of Multiball" locks balls on the right ramp return. To let the balls out of the lock, a sword-like gate opens and chops a ball off like a Night's Watch deserter's noggin.

Sounds like a promising machine. Unfortunately for me, the arcade near my house will probably buy the cheap version (if they get one at all), then some little jerk will come along and break it. That is pretty much the story of my life. "Broken pinball machines?" Broken DREAMS. I could really use a hug. Especially since you didn't give me one last time. "You were all sweaty." I'd just gone to the gym to look good for you! "Seriously?" No, I'm just always really sweaty.

Keep going for a gallery of the games, the cheaper machine is first.















Thanks to Davie, who challenged me to a game and will lose miserably and have to buy me a beer. He will re-challenge me and lose another beer. This will go on forever.

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