Father's Beautifully Crafted 3-Seat Rocking Chairs For Reading Stories To His Children

September 2, 2015


This is one of the Storytime Rocking Chairs built by master craftsman and father Hal Taylor. Hal had the idea for the chair after his third child was born and he ran out of room on his lap during storytime. The chairs, which contain over 200 "precisely cut and shaped pieces" of wood just to make the 19 back braces, cost between $7,000 - $7,500 apiece because this is some QUALITY SHIT. Me? I have one of the rocking chairs they sell on the porch of Cracker Barrels. It's nice enough. It would be even nicer if my cat would curl up in my lap when I was in it but she won't come near me when I'm rocking because I accidentally ran over her tail once. ONE TIME AND I'M THE DEVIL.

Hit the jump for several more shots. Also, what do you do when your children grow up? "Make friends with some little people." Exactly.





Thanks to Jeffrey S, who just built a rocking couch because he wants to have like thirty kids.

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