Eyeroll, Middle Finger, Sign Of The Bull, Taco, Burrito, Unicorn: The New Emojis In Upcoming iOS Update

September 11, 2015


This is a shot of the most important new emojis included in the upcoming iOS 9.1 update. Which one are you most excited about? "APPLE SUCKS ANDROID'S ROBOT BALLS!" I should have known that was coming. Still, all you iPhone users can thank my letter-writing campaign for the addition of the taco and burrito. I wrote SO MANY LETTERS. I wrote one letter. I wrote one letter and never sent it. I am not very good with following through with things. I was supposed to pick up my roommate from the airport this morning.

  • Surprised there's no manbaby emoji since there are so many on the internet....

  • Tyguy

    Eye roll just looks like it's looking upward. Not sure what the thing to the left of the camera is

  • Corky McButterpants
  • TheDR

    Clearly it's a blue mine from Worms.

  • MustacheHam

    Can someone tell me what that object that is on the left side of the turkey.

  • Elan114

    "This pine decoration, called kadomatsu in Japanese, is made of bamboo or pine.

    A kadomatsu is placed out the front of Japanese homes for the new year, to welcome spirits in the hope of bringing a plentiful harvest in the year to come."


  • MustacheHam

    Many thanks. :)

  • JJtoob

    Still no duck for all those duckface pictures...

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