Do Not Pass G.O.A.T., Do Not Collect 200 Caps: Real Fallout Monopoly Game Coming

September 11, 2015


Bethesda and USAopoly have teamed up to release a Fallout themed Monopoly game this November, just in time for Fallout 4's release. That way when your friends invite you over for game night to play you can turn your phone off and ignore their calls and texts because you're already balls deep in Fallout 4. I'm just being honest.

Keep going for a rather underwhelming shot of the back of the box.


Thanks to ToastFed, who picks up all the junk he can find in Fallout games because he's a hoarder. That is not okay.

  • Godd Howard's Inspiration

    I from this point until eternity call the power armour helmet

  • Cortney A.

    Seriously, it's still the same game that has ruined more relationships than unplanned pregnancy.

  • Bling Nye

    I find the whoring of the Monopoly game to be especially ironic/entertaining in light of its origin story.

  • Karnie

    No Dogmeat piece?? FAIL!

  • Only Gob Forgives

    Unless they've added some kind of interesting dynamic (like the Pokemon version), it's still just Monopoly. Lipstick on a pig and all that...

  • WhiteEagle2

    I would buy it if it used caps instead of paper for the currency.

  • CrazyUncleNicola

    I imagine it's cheaper to do the paper version as usual instead of plastic bottle caps. would be cool though. However people would complain about the price but that's there problem.

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