Sleepover!: Couple Builds Giant Bed To Accommodate Themselves And Their 5 Cats And 2 Dogs

September 15, 2015


I'm sorry but for two humans and seven animals that dreamcatcher is entirely too small.

This is the "11 Foot King + Full Mega Bed" built by Redditor Robdogbird and his girlfriend to accommodate them as well as their five cats and two dogs. It has 75-square feet (~7 square meters) of surface area, all of which will be taken up by the animals, leaving the couple curled up alone on opposite sides of the bed with no blankets or pillows.

Keep going for a shot of the empty bed. I would starfish so hard in that thing. I love pet hair.


Thanks to Elizabeth B, who has a pet bed that takes up the whole room, it's called the floor.

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