Candle Holder Extinguishes Candle When It Burns Low

September 15, 2015


Moment is a candle holder (available soon from this online store) created by designer Lars Beller Fjetland that extinguishes a candle's flame when it starts to burn too low. A neat idea, but you should still never leave a candle unattended. Or a child. Both were practically made for setting house fires. I can't even tell you how many house fires my little sister started when I was supposed to be watching her, but most of those were actually me that I just blamed on her. Remember: you get what you pay for and I never once got paid to babysit.

Keep going for a video in case the gif wasn't enough for you.

Thanks to jorge, who agrees there's nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath with some aromatherapy candles burning and some soft jazz playing off Spotify from your phone sitting in a cereal bowl on top of the toilet.

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