Candle Holder Extinguishes Candle When It Burns Low

September 15, 2015


Moment is a candle holder (available soon from this online store) created by designer Lars Beller Fjetland that extinguishes a candle's flame when it starts to burn too low. A neat idea, but you should still never leave a candle unattended. Or a child. Both were practically made for setting house fires. I can't even tell you how many house fires my little sister started when I was supposed to be watching her, but most of those were actually me that I just blamed on her. Remember: you get what you pay for and I never once got paid to babysit.

Keep going for a video in case the gif wasn't enough for you.

Thanks to jorge, who agrees there's nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath with some aromatherapy candles burning and some soft jazz playing off Spotify from your phone sitting in a cereal bowl on top of the toilet.

  • Taylor Love

    yeah but the candle will just burn out on it's own...

  • Octo

    Those have been around forever.

  • Jenness

    This is a great idea. And yes, while open flames left unattended there really are many people even in the US that use them for basic lighting and heating that live in poverty. At church we took donations for the landlord and an elderly couple who had burned down the garage apartment the landlord basically let them squat for almost nothing in and they admitted they couldn't afford electricity and the landlord had let them live there w/out requiring they turn it on and that it was hard just to afford water. He was a veteran and all their income went to dr appts because they both had numerous afflictions (which living in poverty only makes worse). This would have saved them that and also not left the landlord who was trying his best (also an elderly man on a fixed income) to not lose his property. Reality is that many people can benefit from this and bless this inventor for this easy solution to a very real problem that we don't want to admit is happening right now, in our town all over the US. Many people who have served our country, worked 40+ years are now destitute and for whatever reason they are denied basic benefits and left to fend for themselves.

  • Xockszky

    It looks cool, even when it's not extinguishing the flame.

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