British Royal Mail Releasing Star Wars Postage Stamps

September 15, 2015


This is the line of Star Wars postage stamps the Royal Mail is releasing October 20th. The full sheet costs £8 (~$12), and there is also a spaceship set that costs £4 (~$6). You think the whole reason postal services release collectible stamps is because they know they'll never actually have to do the work that the stamps are worth? Like, you just paid $12 for the ability to send mail, but they know you will never actually send that mail, and they won't have to do any work. That is pretty smart. I am going to start selling collectible coupons for piggyback rides. CHA-CHING! "You're a f***ing idiot." That is not the first time I've heard that, dad.

Thanks to atheistgirl, who doesn't even believe in mail.

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