App-Controlled Star Wars BB-8 Droid Toy Now Available

September 3, 2015


No, BB-8, you can't have sex with all the oranges.

A miniature home version of the BB-8 droid from the upcoming Star Wars movie is now available (well, tonight at midnight) from Sphero for $150. It can be controlled via a smartphone/tablet app, or set to autonomously patrol your house on its own. Oh man, the cat is going to love this.

"Meet BB-8 -- the app-enabled Droid that's as authentic as it is advanced," the official statement says. "BB-8 has something unlike any other robot -- an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands. Set it to patrol and watch your Droid explore autonomously, make up your own adventure and guide BB-8 yourself, or create and view holographic recordings."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Almost never." Oh come on, you and me -- we're like two peas in a pod. "I want out of this pod." Don't say that, you're hurting my feelings. You really don't want to share a pod with me? "Absolutely not." Okay what if we were just cubicle-mates? "No." I'll let you play with my BB-8 toy! "Fine." Awesome, now let's kiss and make it official.

Keep going for a couple more shots, the official commercial, and a longer video about how the toy came to be.


Thanks to everyone who sent this, several of whom asked me to buy them one like I'm made out of money and not toilet paper wrapped around a coat rack.

  • dougfunnay

    i already hate this droid so much
    who the fuck designed this shit?

  • Jeremy Tilton

    So, how long until this guy gets sued by Disney and crushed for using their licensed material?

  • Richard H Sanford

    Wait, this isn't a licensed product??


    They obviously have the rights.

  • Richard H Sanford

    Okay, I think Jar-Jar Abrams is a hack and I have zero faith in the next movies he's making, but BB-8 is absolutely awesome.

  • edzew

    im with you on zero faith in him and his SW movie but not on BB. to me it just seams stupid and no point, at least right now, maybe in the movie BB-8 droids serve some kind of purpose other than a sports ball.

    as for JJ being a SW fan... i cant see how seeing as how he totally trashed the EU and its looking more and more like the entire EU was trashed.

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  • dougfunnay

    i agree with you on abrams but this droid is just so god damned stupid its unbelievable (i guess thats it....its unbelievable.... it looks like its made to look cute and sell toys more than be an actual droid)

  • Richard H Sanford

    And I absolutely agree with *you* regarding the existence of this droid! What concerns me are where its tools are; they're situated in its ball-body, but what of when it arrives up to its destination and has to readjust because it's sitting on top of the tool it needs, for instance. It's shown rolling on a sandy, dusty surface. Doesn't that gum it all up?

    But, I think about its technology: there's a magnet that's keeping it's head attached that's also being controlled by a...thing that keeps it upright (crap I can't remember the super-cool sciencey-tech name). When you think about it, that's really cool, and it's a practical effect, not CGI or on rails or whatnot. It really exists! And that's what I'm impressed by. :-)

  • SoullessAvenger90

    The music in the commercial that starts playing at 1:03, what is that from? I don't remember it

  • The commercial uses a (heavily cut down) track from the end of Empire Strikes Back called "Rebel Fleet/End Title."

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