Animal Head And Skull Candle Holders That Cry Wax

September 3, 2015


These are The Jacks, ceramic candle holders that look like they cry wax as the candles burn. They are currently a Kickstarter campaign but have already met their funding goal. They come in deer head, rabbit head and human skull varieties and cost $28 and up. Refill candles will retail for $12 for the deer or rabbit (with a burn time of 5-10 hours), and $17 for the skull (~30 hours). That could get expensive, so you're better off just never lighting them. That's what I would do. Plus, you know, I'm not allowed to play with matches. I'm not even allowed to be serious with matches. One time I got grounded because my mom mistook my toothpick for a match.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.







Thanks to Stephen, who has a candle burning atop a real skull and may or may not be a sorcerer.

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