And Only One Miss: 43 People Perform Mozart By Tossing Coins Into Beakers From A Distance

September 16, 2015


This is The Extreme Minuet, a performance of Mozart's minuets performed by 43 people throwing coins into precisely filled beakers to produce different notes. The whole performance lasts less than two seconds. Now -- did they REALLY attach electrodes to their arms to make them all be able to throw the coins perfectly? Is that real? Do we have that technology? Because only one person out of 43 missed (and they still hit the rim), and they are all throwing from FAR AWAY. Are you telling me I could have some scientist hook electrodes up to my arm and I'd never lose at beer pong? What about playing pool or horseshoes? I've always wanted to be a hustler. All future sports are going to be a sham.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DuffTheMagicDragon who always lose at quarters and flip-cup because his arms weren't made for drinking games.

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