14-Feet Tall: The World's Largest Arcade Machine

September 11, 2015


This is the 14-foot tall arcade cabinet built by Jason Camebris to bring back that feeling of being a kid and having to reach up to grab the controls. It runs a bunch of different arcade emulators as well as any Wii, Playstation, XBox or PC game, and looks like it takes quarters the size of dinner plates. That would never fit in my basement. Mostly because I don't have a basement -- I have a crawl-space. That is where the rats live. They like to come visit. I named them all Splinter to trick myself into not hating them as much as I should.

Keep going for one more shot and the Guinness World Record video about the machine.


Thanks to Greg P, who's already hard at work building a 15-foot arcade machine complete with stripper pole on top. Now you're talking.

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