Young Girl's Reaction To Unboxing And Experimenting With Her New 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand

August 27, 2015


First a story about a guy possibly losing a hand, now one about a young girl gaining one. Everything is a cycle. This is a video of 8-year old Isabella unboxing and trying out her new 3-D printed e-NABLE prosthetic arm and hand. She is very excited about it, and rightfully so. Sweet color combination. If you're interested in helping children like Isabella, check out E-NABLE's website, they're about to hold their second annual convention and want to build over 1,000 arms to give away to kids who need them. AND YOU CAN HELP. Come on -- help make a difference for a change. You don't just want to be some jerk on the internet forever, do you? I'm sorry, I feel like I'm projecting. Dammit, did I just put all these fingers on backwards?!

Keep going for the heartwarming video.

Thanks to SkilledLabor, who, with the help of Miracle Max, actually was able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  • Ed

    How does she make the fingers close?

  • shashi


  • CoasterFan

    Things like this are what we should all strive for and rally behind daily!

  • timeiskey

    the print quality on those parts isn't that great. and the hand is bulky and doesnt need 4 fingers. I really don't understand this...

    they should have done it in DLP style resin prints firstly to make them hollow and lighter, and the hand is fucking huge.

  • afterooster

    i imagine that for a child, a larger hand is better for them to grow into as opposed to getting a new one every year.

  • Markus K

    Reasons for using cheap prints:
    She might break it (she's a child after all) and she will outgrow it - more than once.

  • timeiskey

    all prints are cheap, but i didnt think of that for some fucking reason. i must have tarded

  • Helder Cervantes

    Made my day

  • Costantinha


  • Bryan Reed

    Did anyone else see the robot cameraman's hand come out at her at 0:39??

  • Bryan Reed

    But really... It's starting to creep me out

  • JJtoob

    Yeah I did, and was about to comment on that too.

  • BriteSkittle


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