World's Longest And Tallest Slide Being Built In London

August 5, 2015


These are some renderings of the soon-to-be-built longest and tallest tube slide in the world. The slide, which will be built into the existing ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture in London's Olympic Park, will send riders through five spirals starting at a height of 80-meters (262-feet). A ride from top to bottom will take about 40-seconds and cost £5 (~$8). Obviously, I am going to try to stop myself halfway down and cause a traffic jam, just like I used to do on the playground as a kid. Will the attendant send the heftiest person in line down to unclog me? That's what my kindergarten teacher used to do.

Keep going for a couple more pictures.



Thanks to Taggart, who plans on lubing the slide with Crisco and trying to breaking the sound barrier on his way down.

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