Woman Chugs Entire Bottle Of Cognac After Airport Security Says She Can't Bring It On Flight

August 25, 2015


A Chinese hero chugged an entire 700mL bottle of $125 (~$196) Remy Martin XO Excellence cognac after airport security informed her it was too much liquid to bring on a flight. The woman, identified only as Zhao, was then refused boarding by the airplane's pilot, who was worried the now-wasted passenger would pose a safety risk. That was probably valid.

The woman...was found later by police rolling on the floor at a boarding gate in Beijing Airport.

One officer who saw the scene said: "She was so drunk... she couldn't even stand up herself.

"We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest."

When Zhao woke up later she thanked police for taking care of her.

They contacted her family who took her home.

I remember the first time I got way too drunk at an airport. I was leaving Las Vegas (almost in the same fashion as in the movie) after losing a shit-ton of money. After staying for more than two days straight I finished off the bottle of whiskey I'd been drinking in my hotel room on the cab ride to the airport. I made it through security, but at some point passed out, missed my flight, and when I finally came to I was back OUTSIDE of security. Apparently I had gotten the sleepies and decided to crawl under a row of seats at my gate where I proceeded to puke/piss on myself until security hauled me off. Miraculously, I wasn't arrested. And that is my Vegas experience in a nutshell. I want to go back so bad.

  • FoxtrotFox

    What else could she do? What would you do (except not buying spirits between fights)?

  • dlb


  • Ed

    This happened to me in Zurich. I had a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka; though I wasn't able to finish both. The trick is get out of line and go to the bathroom where no one can see you chug it. Leave as little time as possible between chugging and boarding so you only have to hold it together hopefully a few minutes before you've boarded and won the game.

  • timeiskey

    then you are trapped on a flying plane feeling terrible, and potentially isolated from all medical assistance for hours and hours.
    sounds like a good plan

  • Ed

    Clearly I died from it.

  • iofo61

    It's okay, it was likely counterfeit Remy anyway.

  • Syphon

    28 units xD basically 10 pints of strong lager

  • Lionhart16

    How much alcohol was in that bottle to make her that drunk?

  • Grant Kruger

    700ml, which is 1.48 pints

  • Xockszky

    Haaahaha awesome!

  • AtomicMountain

    I don't buy it.

    She would have died.

  • dougfunnay


  • KriegAffe

    yeah, she would, it's 40% alcohol and 700ml...
    if you drink 500ml at once your heart could stop, proven fact...
    maybe she took her time to drink it...

  • Eyyy lol

    Hey man, you wrote $125 instead of £125. Cool story though.

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