Woman Chugs Entire Bottle Of Cognac After Airport Security Says She Can't Bring It On Flight

August 25, 2015


A Chinese hero chugged an entire 700mL bottle of $125 (~$196) Remy Martin XO Excellence cognac after airport security informed her it was too much liquid to bring on a flight. The woman, identified only as Zhao, was then refused boarding by the airplane's pilot, who was worried the now-wasted passenger would pose a safety risk. That was probably valid.

The woman...was found later by police rolling on the floor at a boarding gate in Beijing Airport.

One officer who saw the scene said: "She was so drunk... she couldn't even stand up herself.

"We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest."

When Zhao woke up later she thanked police for taking care of her.

They contacted her family who took her home.

I remember the first time I got way too drunk at an airport. I was leaving Las Vegas (almost in the same fashion as in the movie) after losing a shit-ton of money. After staying for more than two days straight I finished off the bottle of whiskey I'd been drinking in my hotel room on the cab ride to the airport. I made it through security, but at some point passed out, missed my flight, and when I finally came to I was back OUTSIDE of security. Apparently I had gotten the sleepies and decided to crawl under a row of seats at my gate where I proceeded to puke/piss on myself until security hauled me off. Miraculously, I wasn't arrested. And that is my Vegas experience in a nutshell. I want to go back so bad.

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