What The?!: Drone Operator Shocked To Find Man Napping On Top Of 200-Foot Tall Wind Turbine

August 27, 2015


This is some drone footage captured by Kevin Miller of a 200-foot tall wind turbine in Rhode Island. Kevin was shocked to find a man sleeping on top of the turbine. That man was shocked to find a drone disturbing his nap. Obviously, that guy is not afraid of heights. Or walking in his sleep. Me? I walk in my sleep. I can even unlock doors and leave my apartment without waking up. That's scary. Especially for my neighbors. One time I woke up to a neighbor kicking me in the head because he thought I was a zombie. At least that's what he said. He may have just wanted to kick me in the head and seized the opportunity.

Hit the jump for the video and comments, where we will continue our debate on drones and the right to privacy. Also whether there's a ladder or spiral staircase in that wind turbine.

Thanks to TJ, who's been known to catch some Z's on top of his nearest water tower.

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