'Weird Satanist Guy' On The Unveiling Of Devil Statue

August 26, 2015


This is a video news report about a 9-foot, 1-ton goat-headed Satan statue being unveiled in Detroit. The highlight is this fast-talking satanist guy (who ironically has the face of an angel) who sermonizes to the news reporters. Sadly, 'Weird Satanist Guy' is actually 'Weird Gamer Guy' (aka Andrew Bowser), and he wasn't even being interviewed, he just cleverly spliced his own videos into the news report after it came out. Still, don't let that stop you from sending it to all your friends and telling them its real. It certainly hasn't stopped major news organizations from reporting it's real. Geekologie: at the crossroads of journalistic integrity and penises.

Hit the jump for the video. It really is worth a watch regardless.

Thanks to everybody who sent this, several of which I suspect were in on it and trying to trick me. You are all on my shit-list now.

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