Very Clever: Majora's Mask And Moon Cosplay

August 24, 2015


This is a shot of an unknown cosplayer at an unknown convention (anybody recognize those walls?) wearing Majora's Mask, with the moon hovering overhead. You know, I remember when Majora's Mask first came out my parents were concerned I was too stupid to grasp the time-changing aspect of the game. It turns out they were 100% correct. I was already in college, by the way.

Thanks to carey, who agrees somebody should start a Zeldacon and it should take place in a castle and we can all pretend it's Hyrule castle and have the time of our f***ing lives!

  • event

    She was at Sakura-con:

  • MalfunctionX

    Looks like the Seattle Convention Center. They host the anime convention Sakura-Con there every year so might be from that.

  • event

    Odd it's just now showing up that con was in the beginning of the year. I got a few shots of her. Really well done cosplay.

  • Hey guys - that cosplayer is my friend Jean Fioca, known online as HylianJean! You can see more of her insanely amazing cosplay over on DA: http://hylianjean.deviantar...

  • PlaysWithWolves

    She's good!

  • agreed

  • dorothyswhites

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